Daughter and Dog

An early photo of daughter and dog cute from the Nutmeg era

It’s hard to argue the happiness a warm puppy brings. This is daughter and dog just days after Nutmeg moved in.

Except for a week here or a month there, my daughter has always had a dog in her life. When she was born, Olive was the dog in residence. Only a week after Olive died, there was Midnight, and as Midnight slowed in middle age, we added Cocoa.

Through these three dogs, my daughter showed great enthusiasm for the cute of it. That is, she’d often hug or cuddle a dog and demand that I or my wife admire how cute they were together. We’d look and look away, and she’d insist we look again. Apparently, we couldn’t see the cuteness enough.

Lab puppy Nutmeg enjoys long hair

One truth of cute that involves a puppy: It can hurt!

What’s more, our daughter would often pose with a dog and yell, “Take a picture!” Thank goodness for digital photography; we’d have gone broke using film for all the daughter and dog photos.

Our daughter hadn’t outgrown the whole “look how cute” thing by the time Nutmeg joined the family. A squirmy puppy in low light isn’t easy to catch cute. So, despite finding dozens of daughter and dog shots in my collection, only a few are share-worthy. Sadly, one of my favorite poses has no photographic merit, but I had to include it for the grin it puts on my face.

My daughter is spending a year in Turkey and, while I miss her, through the magic of Skype I get to see here once or twice a month. Because she isn’t getting cute time with Nutmeg, I thought this post might fill just a bit of that void. In any case, while writing the post I had fun selecting photos and reviewing the daughter and dog cute that Nutmeg has brought to our household.

Chocolate Lab puppy Nutmeg misbehaving

A puppy must learn early: Never put your teeth on a person. Nutmeg repeatedly demonstrated her grasp of the rule.


Chocolate Lab puppy Nutmeg bored with hugging

For many months, Nutmeg resisted the clichéd “cute for the sake of cute” pose. She often complained about hugging and tried to slip out of my daughter’s grasp.


Chocolate Lab puppy Nutmeg hug-avoidance posture

Resisting the cute pose can unintentionally lead to a cute pose.


Chocolate Lab puppy Nutmeg misbehaving

A puppy must learn eventually: Never put your teeth on a person. This was two-and-a-half months after the earlier teething photo. It took another six-to-ten months for Nutmeg to catch on. I need software that corrects doggie red-eye (which is green).


Chocolate Lab puppy Nutmeg snuggle

Persistence paid off as Nutmeg eventually decided she likes to snuggle with my daughter.


Chocolate Lab Nutmeg snuggles

Sometimes daughter and dog share space on the sofa and cute happens.


Chocolate Lab Nutmeg incubates daughter's head

Sometimes daughter and dog can’t agree on who sleeps where and cute happens better.