Nutmeg and Her Binky

Nutmeg and her durable rubber bone

Nutmeg has had two bone-shaped rubber binkies. The first was green and it took her six months to destroy it. This second is about four months old and, though it stopped squeaking within a few weeks, Nutmeg has yet to tear it open.

My dog Nutmeg is what the pet industry refers to as an intensive chewer. No dog I’ve known shredded indestructible doggie toys as efficiently as she does. Whisper, who I introduced in my first post, Before Nutmeg there was Whisper, played for years with three or four Gitcher Toys© and tore, perhaps, one of them.

Other of my dogs played with Gitcher Toys© as well, and the toys survived many rounds of fetch and tug-of-war. Nutmeg, however, tears Gitcher Toys© quite casually. In fact, to Nutmeg, indestructible means, simply, longer-lasting.

I’m very enthusiastic about the Isqueak Bone from JW Pet Company. You can get one by clicking the button above. I’m required by law to tell you that I will earn some coin should you use that button to buy a dog toy. (If you decide to buy one, please use the button!)

Admittedly, there are dog toys that seem to be indestructible, but they’re quite heavy, so we hate to throw them indoors. Worse, those toys are never appropriate for human-dog interaction; if I’m holding one end, chances are Nutmeg will grab my fingers along with the toy during games of tug-of-war. I don’t enjoy that.

Last Christmas, Santa left a tennis-ball-textured toy for Nutmeg. By New Year, the toy was toast. I visited every pet store and pet department in the area and found a bone-shaped rubber squeaky toy that felt heavy-weight without being heavy. It took Nutmeg about a month to destroy the toy’s squeaker (squeakers should have “off” buttons), but it took six months for her to tear the toy down the middle. This is a dog toy for intensive chewers!

JW Pet Company Isqueak Bone

I’ve had no contact with anyone from JW Pet Company; I wrote this because their Isqueak Bone is the ONLY dog toy we’ve found that is …

  • … reasonably light-weight
  • … chewy (soft rubber)
  • … big enough for my dog’s teeth to grip half or more of it without also grabbing my fingers
  • … easy to grip for both me and my dog
  • … durable enough for a dog that destroys “durable” dog toys in a matter of days
  • … inexpensive



3 Responses to Nutmeg and Her Binky

  • stephanie martin says:

    my son’s wolf chews through everything. carpet, table legs, you name it. i will pass this onto him to avoid the next chew toy being say, an arm :-) (exaggerating about the body limb).

  • JW toys are great! We have the same problem with Hunter. I bought him a JW ball because it seemed durable, thick plastic, but not rock hard and big enough not to get lost under the couch. He loves it! He’s had it for a month now and the squeaker is still intact. That’s a record for him.

  • Daniel Gasteiger says:

    Stephanie – Thank you for your comment! I blinked when I read it and it went through my brain as “my son’s WIFE chews through everything.” Kind of relieved when I realized it says “wolf!” I hope JW Pet Toys prove adequate. I’ve been impressed, but from their enormous selection we’ve tried only the Isqueak Bone.

    Brenda – Why didn’t you tell me?!!?!! I mean, thanks for visiting! Hunter is an Airedale? Tough puppy! I’m going to have to try other of JW Pet Toys products. Nutmeg is so happy with her Isqueak Bone that it hadn’t occurred to me to try her on a different toy.

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