Puppy Won’t Leave


Nutmeg was the cutest puppy ever to grace the planet (as are so many puppies). Now she’s a 60 pound dog. As dogs go, she’s cute. But she’s no puppy.

Chocolate lab puppy with oral fixation

It’s no surprise that Nutmeg loved to chew from the day she came to live with us. We refer to her toy as her binky; when she gets excited, she finds her binky and holds it in her mouth to help calm herself down.

Unfortunately, no one in my family is passionate about dog-training, so we haven’t convinced Nutmeg to abandon puppy-like behavior. Her whimpering and excited greetings are endearing, and she cuddles now as well as ever. Where we could do with a bit less puppiness is in the play department.

Nutmeg plays with her toys as though she’s angry with them. She has always played that way. Her enthusiasm is inspiring, but we’ve had too many moments where her teeth or claws deflected off of my body parts. I’ve had to grow more skin in my 30 months with Nutmeg than I’d grown in any preceding three-year period. Despite these “misunderstandings,” I love our play sessions and I eagerly anticipate the day she outgrows them.



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