Nutmeg Loses My Gourd

Nutmeg chews a gourd under the dining room table

It’s hard not to laugh when your puppy chews on something as useless as a decorative gourd. On the other hand, I have given Nutmeg many mixed messages as I often laugh while scolding her for misbehavior.

Nutmeg is the chewiest dog I’ve known. Chances are I’d have said that about every puppy we’ve raised, but being the current dog, Nutmeg holds the award.

I keep winter squash on the floor of the dining room from harvest until I use it up — sometimes as long as six months. Last spring, when Nutmeg joined our family, there were still butternut squashes, neck pumpkins, and decorative gourds on the floor, and it didn’t occur to me this was a problem until I noticed bite marks in one of the neck pumpkins.

It wasn’t long before I was down on my stomach capturing Nutmeg’s mischief in motion. 18 months later, Nutmeg doesn’t chew quite so inappropriately, but that’s only because my family has collectively told her “no” more than 300,000 times. She would eat glass if she had the chance.

Actually, she has eaten glass, and I’m apprehensive about how she’ll treat the Christmas tree after we decorate it next weekend. Do you have pets that treat your tree poorly?



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