Missing Nutmeg

Nutmeg owns my easy chair

Nutmeg tore the upholstery on my easy chair when she grabbed her binky and accidentally snagged the cloth with her teeth. The hole has grown for about a year and I finally decided to fix it though I’ve never before upholstered anything. I suspect Nutmeg would like me to hurry the project along.

I’ve been spending about two days of every three at my dad’s house in Ithaca, New York. My dad moved out. He decided the house was overwhelming and he’d be happier at a progressive care facility. Of course, I spent a month explaining how we could adapt his house and his lifestyle so he’d be happy at home, but he refused to budge.

I’m in Ithaca a lot, organizing the stuff so we can sell some, distribute some to the siblings, and trash the rest. At the same time, I’m fixing up the house with the hope of putting it up for rent later this year.

For all the time away, I’m not getting enough Nutmeg. Worse: Nutmeg spends a big part of each day alone in her kennel or, as she calls it, her box.

I like to think of Nutmeg’s antics while I’m away. It’s not nearly as fun as experiencing them in person, but it can still make me smile. The photo in this post shows one of my favorites: Nutmeg barely fits in the seat of an easy chair, but she happily takes command when I leave my chair or my wife leaves hers.

You might think Nutmeg gets plenty of time in my easy chair while I’m away, but in order to reupholster it, I’ve taken it apart. I haven’t made much progress on the upholstering since I started hanging out in Ithaca so Nutmeg either needs to beat my wife to her chair, or settle for space on the sofa. I wish I were home so I could participate in the argument about who sits where. I miss Nutmeg.



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