After the Dog Park

Chocolate Lab with focus

A stick in hand demands a heck of a lot of focus if you’re a Chocolate Lab.

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania has an amazing dog park and recreation area. The dog park is a large, fenced yard where dogs can run and chase each other. Or cower. Or run and chase toys. The area around the dog park is a network of well-maintained paths through a large meadow well on its way to becoming forest.

A ten minute walk gets you to the far end of the recreation area where there’s a bridge crossing a stream. If you walk to that bridge, you’ll likely arrive with wet feet except on the driest days of summer. Nutmeg never walks to the bridge. She sprints.

Actually, Nutmeg sprints a few hundred feet, stops to sniff, sprints back, sprints ahead, sniffs, sprints back, and so on. She seeks the wet spots and mud on the paths, and when she reaches the stream, she charges in.

I love watching her play, and I always find a stick to throw into the water. Retrieving the stick is, apparently, the most important task she’ll ever have and she’ll keep at it as long as I’m willing to make the throw.

I love watching her play, and I also love her expression of appreciation for having been to the dog park. That’s it in the photo below. After a trip to the dog park, Nutmeg goes comatose – a sure sign she had a good day.

Chocolate Lab after the dog park

Nutmeg expresses appreciation for a visit to the dog park by going comatose on the sofa.



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